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Build a future-ready workforce that’s engaged, efficient, and excited to do their best work. Create a recruiting plan that attracts top talent and retains your best employees. Get hands-on with new technology that empowers your people with self-service and mobile options, giving them the visibility and information they need to succeed. And refine a people plan and technology strategy that boosts your bottom line and lets everyone shine.

  • Ready to build the workforce you want? Come to KronosWorks
  • 2 ½ days of expert sessions for your product
  • Valuable networking opportunities from breakfasts to evenings out
  • Exclusive first-look access to new Kronos products and solutions
  • One-on-one access to Kronos employees, experts, and business partners
  • Practical hands-on training and technical courses
  • Professional certification credits


93% of 2019 customers

rated the overall KronosWorks experience as excellent or above average.

91% of 2019 customers

agreed KronosWorks provided them with opportunities to improve their knowledge of Kronos solutions and workforce management.

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Come to KronosWorks to mingle with a like-minded crowd of nearly 3,000 visionaries, new product users, and everyone in between who’s eager to nurture a next-level workforce.

  • CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CNOs
  • Controllers and financial directors
  • IT/IS directors and technical managers
  • Nurse managers/directors
  • Patient services managers/directors
  • Clinical directors
  • Nursing informatics managers and staffing office managers
  • Payroll/timekeeping/HR/operations professionals
  • Public safety leaders
  • Scheduling administrators in public safety
  • Business analysts and system analysts
  • Programmers
  • System or network administrators
  • Database specialists
  • SMB companies
  • Enterprise organizations